Purpose of tax accounting is operative control over settlements with budget and off-budget funds in respect of company’s tax liabilities .

Experienced specialists of “Ukrainian audit service” LLC organize and maintain tax accounting in companies.

We assist our clients to settle the following tasks:

  • Reveal of tax risks;
  • Permanent work with departments regarding the work with tax payers of Ukrainian tax bodies of different levels and Ukrainian legal expertise institutes in respect of settling tax disputes by receiving explanations on revealed tax risks;
  • Analysis of company’s activity, development of optimal tax accounting scheme;
  • Determination of necessary forms of primary documents, accounting registers;
  • Development of effective accounting policy etc.

«Ukrainian audit service” LLC proposes:

Recovery of tax accounting – measures aimed at restoration of desolated accounting in general and its separate sectors based on available primary documents or already created.

Organization of tax accounting is guarantee of successful and stable activity of accounting in your company. Protect yourself from mistakes and irrational time wasting by applying to highly qualified specialists «Ukrainian audit service” LLC.

Keeping tax accounting means maintaining different sectors of tax accounting, preparation of tax statements, submission of the statements to tax bodies.

Optimization and minimization of taxation:

    -    Minimization of tax payments by legal methods;

    -    Development of financial legal schemes “tumkey".

Tax disputes:

    -    Preparation of discrepancy acts;

    -    Presentation of client’s interests in tax bodies.

3.1. Recovery of tax accounting

  • Sorting and processing primary documents;
  • Analysis of company’s primary documents for the purpose of correspondence to approved forms;
  • Control over preparation the necessary registers, recovery and preparation of accounting registers;
  • Control over calculation of tax payments and preparation of tax declarations;
  • Preparation of company’s tax statements in accordance with requirements of current legislation;
  • Preparation of forms of tax quarter and annual statements based on recovered accounting data and submission to tax inspection;
  • Consultations on future keeping tax accounting.

Recovery types of tax accounting:

  • In full measures;
  • Recovery of separate sectors.

Cost for recovery of tax accounting of different levels and duration of the procedure is determined for each client individually and depends on scope of recovery procedures, quantity of company’s types of activity, presence of foreign economic activity, scope of documents turnover and availability of documents.

3.2. Organization of tax accounting

  • Expertise of tax accounting.
  • Analysis of specific of company’s activity.
  • Analysis of organizational structure and documents turnoverа.
  • Determination of the interested users of accounting information.
  • Analysis of technical equipment of the company (availability of computer engineering, programs, staff qualification).
  • Development of tax accounting system.
  • Development of documents turnover system.
  • Establishment of accounting policy for taxation purposes.
  • Implementation of tax accounting system and automization of tax accounting.
  • Training and instruction of staff.
  • Assistance in the work of accounts department when necessary.

3.3. Keeping tax accounting

  • Keeping different sectors of tax accounting.
  • Tax accounting.
  • Preparation of tax statements.
  • Submission of statements to State tax inspection.

3.4. Optimization and minimization of taxation

«Ukrainian audit service” LLC renders services aimed at legal release of assets from their further disposal during economic activity. These services enable tax payer to avoid or decrease obligatory payments to budget on legal basis. It goes about tax duties, customs and other payments.

«Ukrainian audit service” LLC proposes the following services:

  • Minimization of tax payments on legal basis;
  • Development of financial legal schemes “tumkey”.

Our specialists will assist you to build up general model of  taxation minimization depending on types of activity of your company and bring in correspondence with this model your contractual basis, internal organizational documents, elements of accounting policy and internal control system.

Optimization of taxes is organizational measures within legislation in force related to selection of place, time and types of activity, formation and assistance of the most effective schemes and contractual interrelations in order to increase company’s cash flows due to optimization and minimization of tax payments.

Specialists of «Ukrainian audit service” LLC will help you to decrease payments under basic taxes and obtain the name of faithful and responsible tax payer fro the point of view of governmental bodies and partners.

3.5. Tax disputes

Tax disputes appear due to strict tax control, constant changes to tax legislation and its inconsistency because of different treatments of legislation by tax bodies and tax payers and mistakes of law enforcement.

Services rendered by «Ukrainian audit service” LLC in the sector of tax disputes” are the following:

  • Preparation of discrepancy acts;
  • Presentation of client’s interests in tax bodies.

LLC “Ukraine audit service” will help you to settle disputes of any difficulty and prevent from conflict situations with tax bodies.