Responsible person for consulting in «Firm «Ukrainian audit service» is managing partner consulting services, graduate in finance and law Stanislav Aleksandrov.


  • HR consulting and staff management. Creation of perfectly operating team in each department and integral effective cooperation system between departments, subdivisions and branches in the company. Competent management of HR, personnel policy issues, building up specialized staff service in the company, training and assessment of professional activity of employees, development of corporate culture.
  • Financial consulting. Optimization of financial management of your company in the contemporary economic conditions based on analytical calculations necessary to take grounded and competent management decisions.
  • Investment consulting. Audit of investing objects and investment consulting are carried out in order to specify information about legal persons when decisions about investments are being taken – financing the development of production base, acquisition of the company in any economic field and sphere.
  • Management consulting. Organizational consultations aimed at development and creation of effective management system of organization.
  • Anti-crisis consulting. Settling any crisis situation of your business.
  • Concession (franchising) consulting. Possibility to use already disposed and reliable technologies, well-known trade mark, opportunity to study and receive necessary consultations during business development. These possibilities are provided by those who is well experienced, has perfect knowledge, possess technological secrets i.e. know-how, persons who has achieved certain image in the business world and within different customers. All these aspects are very valuable capital of mature entrepreneurs though it is intangible but very effective if it is used correctly.
  • Due-diligence (measures aimed at assessment of risks during business acquisition) Principle of operation aimed at minimal protection of project from surprises including visiting the object, inspection of the object, acquaintance with potential partners, risk assessment.

4.1.Financial consulting

  • Analysis of financial-economic activity of the company;
  • Business planning;
  • Budgeting, development of all types of financial plans;
  • Analysis of company’s ability to pay and forecasting the possibility of bankruptcy;
  • Development and optimization of capital attraction schemes;
  • Optimization of financial flows, control over assets and income.

4.2. Investment consulting

  • Assessment of profitability of investment projects (taking to consideration of inflation and discounting the cost of investment annuity);
  • Development of measures to increase investment appeal of the company;
  • Assistance during attraction investment capital.

4.3.Management consulting

  • formulation of development strategy of the company 
  • development and preparation of business-plans 
  • optimization of documents circulation, development of internal documentation of the company
  • optimization of company’s management
  • analysis and optimization of internal economic activity of the firm
  • organization of internal audit in the company

4.4. Anti-crisis consulting

  • settling the crisis situation in the company;
  • stabilization of financial-economic activity of the company;
  • reorganization of financial-economic activity;
  • development of programs aimed at preventing the crises in future;
  • control over crisis company;
  • redistribution of property in favor of the Customer.

4.5. Concession (franchising) consulting

  • development of franchise package;
  • development of franchise schemes in order to increase realization of goods, works and services;
  • make up a list of exclusive rights;
  • promotion of proposals for selling the franchises;
  • consultation services to clients in respect of franchise issues;
  • research and selection of potential franchises, holding negotiations.

4.6. Due-diligence (measures for assessment of risks during acquisition of business)

«Ukrainian audit service” LLC renders services aimed at minimization of risk during acquisition of business:

  • selective audit of financial accounting system;
  • expert assessment of “shady” turnover of the company;
  • financial and economic analysis of position;
  • evaluation of technological production level;
  • legal expertise of possible risks;
  • assessment of HR potential of key and middle management;
  • marketing research of producing good.

Our specialists ensure reliability of deals and provide maximum cooperation for successful development of your business.

4.7. HR consulting and staff management

Qualified staff is one of the benefits in current business. In order to develop business successfully «Ukrainian audit service” LLC proposes implementation of system aimed at effective staff management in your company due to increasing labor results of each employee, creation of well coordinated team as in the each department and the whole system of effective interrelation among departments, subdivisions and branches within the company.

«Ukrainian audit service” LLC proposes wide range of services in the filed of HR consulting:

  • staff selection;
  • HR consultations;
  • Professional and psychological tests;
  • Assessment of staff;
  • Development of motivation and corporate principles of team interrelation;
  • Creation of system of professional and psychological selection for certain organization taking to consideration peculiarity of activity;
  • Staff training – corporate trainings.

Competent management of HR, staff policy issues, creation of specialized staff service of the company, training and assessment of professional activity of employees, development of professional activity of employees, corporate culture are tasks of our specialists.