1.1. Obligatory audit

Accounting and financial statements of the company are to be inspected when:

  • Organization possesses organizational legal form of open joint-stock company (OJSC);
  • Founders of commercial banks for National bank of Ukraine;
  • Companies with foreign investments for State tax administration of Ukraine;
  • Joint-stock companies for Securities and stock market state commission;
  • Financial institutions for State commission for regulation of Ukrainian financial services market;
  • Banks for NBU and Securities and stock market state commission
  • All companies for their owners


Cost of obligatory audit depends on the following aspects: scope of work, quantity of company’s employees and volume of documents turnover. Results of audit are transformed into auditor’s opinion that can be used only by executive body of the client.

“Ukrainian audit service” LLC calls on its partners to conclude agreement for quarter audit assistance. Thus it is possible to reach the most efficiency of joint work and opportunity of free of charge consultations during the whole term of agreement and equal distribution of labor and material expenses for audit during the reporting period at constant cost.

1.2. Initiative audit

Voluntary audit can be appointed in various cases. Audit can be initiated by:

  • Managers of companies when accountants are changing or loan is receiving;
  • Accountants prior to tax inspections;
  • Founders and shareholders who wish to possess information whether the company has used funds rationally during the last year;
  • Investors before taking the important decision on contributions in some business

“Ukrainian audit service” LLC in conjunction with their client prepares  requirements specification with purpose of practicability of joint activity. This specification includes nature and scope of necessary audit procedures as well as form of presentation of working results. Recommendations on how to increase efficiency of activity are provided upon audit of organization is completed.


1.3. Express-diagnostics

This service includes express-analysis of current strategy, organizational structure and business processes. These services are rendered in order to determine key problems which client is faced.

During express-diagnostics Client and Consultant are getting acquainted closer and get comprehension of business specific. Client is able to make sure that Customer is qualified well and Consultant during express-diagnostics based on his experience can determine scope of services rendered, complexity of engagements and consequently, possibility to solve these tasks and approximate terms of settlement.

Result: report provides accurate comprehension of efficiency of asset and liabilities management in the company.

1.4. Preparation and issue of auditor’s opinion 

Auditor’s opinion is a final point of audit. This confidential document prepared in accordance with current audit standards includes results of inspection. Besides, on the final stage the firm expresses its opinion regarding reliability of the financial -accounting statements.


Audit promotes to develop your business and provides “financial clearness” of your company. Recommendations of experienced specialists of audit firm “Ukrainian audit service” LLC will prevent from further mistakes.

“Ukrainian audit service” LLC expresses its opinion on reliability of the statements as unqualified, qualified or negative auditor’s opinion or disclaimer of opinion based on results of completed audit of the accounting statements of economic object.


Auditor’s opinion is addressed as report to shareholders of the company and kept together with company’s statements.