About Us

Since February, 2011 "Ukrainian audit service" in Kiev is the coordinator of the joint with the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the project for the mass-explanatory work on the practical application of the Tax Code, together with the State Tax Service of Ukraine. This line of work has become urgent as a result of changes in tax rules laid down by the State in connection with the adoption of the Tax Code, which has become a major challenge for effective business entity. The competitive advantage held by Ukrainian audit service workshops is high profile speakers, as in workshops involving experts of the State Tax Service of Ukraine, took part in the development of the Tax Code and amendments thereto. Status of lecturers is so significant that in addition to the taxpayer seminars listeners in the regions are employees of tax administration and inspections.

Long-term partnership cooperation connects our company with the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs: http://uspp.kh.ua/

We employ professionals with years of experience with a high level of training and experience in providing audit and consulting services. The quality of services meets the requirements of International Standards on Auditing. Specialists companies accredited by the Union of Auditors of Ukraine, the Union of Tax Consultants of Ukraine, the International Fiscal Association.

General Director of Ukrainian audit service Petrovich Valentina Viktorovna many years a member of the consensus group of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Public Organization of Employers of Ukraine and the State Tax Service of Ukraine, which protects the interests of its members from byudzheto- and political-forming sectors of the economy and industry of the country. of the company's activity is aimed at protecting the interests of our customers, reducing the risk of financial and tax nature, improve business performance.

During the work on the audit services market, we have gained extensive experience and expertise in various fields of business:

- Cargo transport aircraft and train / railway;
- Reffining industry;
- Gas industry;
- Aircraft;
- Manufacture of juwelery;
- Manufacture of bakery products;
- Insurance activities;
- Banking;
- Wholesale and retail trade (including foreign);
- Production of medicines;
- Activities of collective investment institutions;
- Consulting activities.

We offer a wide range of services on audit, consulting, accounting, tax planning and financial management for enterprises, including:
• Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with nationalprovisions (standards) and international accounting standards;
• Transformation of financial statements in accordance with international standardsAccounting for submission owners, business partners and investors;
• ubscription auditor support enterprises on a regular and continuousbasis;
• Analysis of the financial condition of the company, the construction of the administrative account atCompany to strengthen supervisory functions of the owner;
• preparation of the necessary documents for the accelerated registration of the shares issue;
• help in solving non-standard tasks and problems associated with economicbusiness activities;
• verification and construction tax accounting at the enterprise;
• due diligence – ystem procedure for purchase of business / procedure of formationfair presentation of investment object.
• organization of seminars and training sessions, including corporate, the Tax Code, financial and strategic management, management accounting and accounting in accordance with IFRS.

Individual approach and attention to the customer - our principled position. Strict adherence to our employees confidentiality and professional ethics guarantees the highest level of information protection. Co-operation, which we offer, will allow increasing the quality characteristics of financial and tax reporting, informed management decisions, tax optimization