Few words about Us


Ukrainian audit service is a network of accounting firms, united by corporate principles with the aim of a rapid response to the needs of the audit market in the country. Currently, in addition to Kiev and Kharkov, our company has regional representatives in Dnipropetrovsk, Crimea and western Ukraine, which enables us to provide services throughout the country.

"Ukrainian audit service" LLC (USREOU code 21198495) operates since 1993. Location: 61003, Kharkiv, Maydan Constitutsiyi, 1, Dvorets Truda, 6 entrance, 3rd floor, to 63-12.. Phone: (057) 730-06-74, fax: (057) 752-41-71, e-mail: uas@ukr.net

Among the first accounting firms in Ukraine, we have obtained a license for the right to engage in audit activity. The company entered into the Register of auditing firms and auditors (AAP certificate №2013), as well as to the List of Audit Firms that are entitled to carry out the statutory audit.

"Ukrainian Audit Service" LLC has a Certificate of Inclusion in the Register of Audit Firms that Have the Right to Conduct Bank Audit Inspections, No. 00003, issued on the basis of the Decision of the Committee for Audit of Banks of Ukraine No. 52 dated 18.11.2016.

The National Commission on Securities and Stock Market Certificate P 000,282 made us in the Register of audit firms eligible to audit the professional securities market participants (validity of the certificate to 27.08.2015 till 24.09.2020)

"Ukrainian audit service" LLC also has a Certificate №0093 of inclusion in the Register of audit firms and auditors who have the right to conduct audits of financial institutions issued by the National Commission, carrying out state regulation of financial services markets.

AAP Decision №332/4 dated 10.27.2016. LLC "Ukrainian audit service" №0641 issued certificate of conformity of the quality system auditing services.




The founder of the company Petrovich Valentina Viktorovna is certified auditor, series A №003505, issued by decision of APU №62 from 29.01.1998 year, valid until 29/01/2023, as well as the auditor's certificate banks №0037, issued by decision of APU №207 / 2 from 29.10.2009 year, valid until 01.01.2020 year.

General Director Vakulenko Tatyana (cont. Phone 057-730-06-74) is certified by the auditor, series A №005354, issued by decision of APU №111 from 27.06.2002 years, valid until 27/06/2022, as well as the auditor's certificate banks №0161 issued by the AAP decision №244 / 22.12.2011 of the 3 years, valid until 22/12/2021 year and is responsible for the internal control of the quality of services provided by the company.

"Ukrainian audit service" LLC has the insurance certificate on voluntary insurance of auditors' liability to third parties for damage caused as a result of professional activity.


Страховий сертифікат


During the years of professional activity, our company has accumulated experience in the process of cooperation with our customers:

* Banks belonging to different groups;

* Financial institutions, including insurance companies, asset management companies, pawnshops, and others.

* Industry, etc.

Also in Kiev since 2002 running our private auditing firm - Ltd. "Company" Ukrainian audit service "(identification code 32072935), today demanded and existing as a consulting.



-  Many years experience in the market of audit services in the field of services, accounting, tax and consulting services.
-  The staff of highly qualified professionals with high intellectual potential and work on the result, that is, to increase the profits of client's business.
-  Modern methods, allowing a high degree of efficiency audit of small, medium and large businesses.
-  Full compliance with the legislation of Ukraine.
-  Well-established and effective methods of working with the client.
-  Convenient location of the head office - in the historic center of Kiev on Podil near St. Andrew's Spusk!
-  Kharkiv Office location - in the center of Kharkov in the Dvorets Truda!
-  A perfect partner Reputation aimed at mutually beneficial fruitful cooperation.